Estudio Della Rocca Piazza Almarza

HLB Estudio Della Rocca Piazza Almarza has been operating in Argentina for more than 40 years. Nowadays, with more than one hundred professionals working in its different departments, our firm offers its clients services with outmost efficiency and expertise.


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HLB Estudio Della Rocca Piazza Almarza is composed of professionals with an average of ten years of service. Its partners belong to diverse academic groups and have been working as professionals for more than 40 years while simultaneously performing roles as university professors and chief members of the AAEF (Argentine Association of Fiscal Studies) and the CPCE (Council of Economic Sciences  Professionals). A combination of youth and experience, together with the resolve to be leaders in the Argentine market of the services it offers, is what grants this firm a distinctive seal of excellence and efficiency.

The reproofs cast upon the practices of some world–known auditing companies –widely reported by the media- have promoted the growth of HLB Estudio Della Rocca Piazza Almarza. At the same time, it is evident that the market is no longer satisfied with a trademark but rather requests professionals who work efficiently both alone and in groups, in view of interdisciplinary demands.

Since the year 2000., HLB Estudio Della Rocca Piazza Almarza is representative of HLB International, an organization of accountants and business advisers with more than 400 offices that is included among the twelve most important in the world. This membership provides HLB Estudio Della Rocca Piazza Almarza with the permanent international contact that a globalized economy demands.

At HLB Estudio Della Rocca Piazza Almarza, we believe that the team and the interdisciplinary work are important, but so is the personal treatment of the client, since our service is but a personal professional service. It is for this reason that we want you to meet our partners, associates, managers and seniors who are in charge of our client’s accounts so that you see our work, a personal teamwork.

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