We "label" Integral the department that takes care of all the administrative problems of small firms, which, due to their size, do not justify the participation of members of our main departments (Auditing and Tax Legal).

Many times in the start-up of a company it is necessary to take charge of every decision to make. It is in these cases that our department provides the required answer.
Our services vary from the choice of the most convenient kind of company (corporation, partnerships, LLPs, etc) according to the client’s needs to the registration in all the organisms with which he will interact daily.
The task continues as the company grows with the processing of all the information that the client generates, so that he can always be updated and that the decision-making process takes place based on solid grounds. In other cases, the reports that our department makes will be used to inform the main office of a local branch, a partner or  a third person.
The administrative organization and circuits, the design of any kind of documents, the files storage and their periodic revision are some of the topics in which this department will assist you.
At the same time, we keep our client informed of any news in his field regarding the topics of our concern, so that he can profit from any upcoming opportunity. All these tasks are handled by a highly specialized team with experience in a grand variety of economic activities, both with and without profit ends, with the support of the other departments in our firm and with the undeniable expertise derived from more than 25 years of professional service.

Administrative Consulting

-Company's start-up.

-Recording and accounting of transactions.

-Salaries and social charges processing.

-Tax planning for small firms.

-Administrative organization.

-Management reports.

-Corporate books administration.

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