Tax & Legal

We render services that include complete counceling in all the areas of the department, minimization of tax burdens and prevention of risks due to the rise of unknown lawsuits. In addition, the doctrinal stances of our members are amply reported to our clients and are subsequently upheld in the pertaining jurisdictional areas.

To achieve those goals, our department comprises more than twenty professionals, both lawyers and accountants, whose purpose is to advise our clients from the beginning of a fiscal conflict up to its definite solution.

The members of the department  belong to the faculty of both the Economic Sciences as well as the Law schools of different universities in our country. They are distinguished by their participation in the academic field with a profuse quantity of publications. This allows us to assert, with pride, that we have a specialized and upated team that can handle with creativity and efficiency each of our client´s demands.

More over, our team´s premise is to mantain, above all, a mature, gentle and ample professional relationship with the fiscal authorities in their different hierarchies.

The worldwide organization we belong to, HLB, and the possibility to have at our disposal experts in international planning enable us to provide an assistance that guarantees the best fiscal position determined by the countries in which our clients develop their activities.

This involves, of course, the application of the fiscal transparency rules known us “transfer pricing”  in reference not only to the argentine legislation but also to those of the more than a hundred countries in which HLB has representatives.

Tax & Legal Matters

-Analysis and preparation of tax forms.

-Tax audits.

-Fiscal due diligences in mergers and acquisitions.

-Analysis and determination of transfer prices.

-Tax planning and consulting with emphasis on financial businesses.

-Analysis of the application of international double-taxation agreements.

-Tax planning and advice to expatriates.

-Technical assistance regarding specific problems originated by taxation.

-Technical and legal assistance in the case of disputes with national, provincial or local tax authorities.

-Technical and legal assistance in tax criminal law matters, within the range of the law 24.769.

-Outsourcing of tax services

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