Auditing is not just a pretty matter regarding the approval of annual balances and the legal requirement to have them certified by accountants. It denotes as well as good assistance, suggestions, improvement of results and the guarantee of financial security to ensure that the company can benefit from a more efficient management and administration.

The preparation of annual financial statements is just a small part of the services we offer; trimester balances, budget control, analysis of specific accounts and operational audits are usually a good complement in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises once an economic period is finished. Hence, it is our policy to extend our services beyond the financial statements auditing work, providing our clients with a variety of suggestions in order to develop the maximize resources and business issues. Thus, auditing becomes a contributing factor to the company’s growth while adding value to the business.

We have developed an agile team with vast experience in takeovers, which enables us to provide an excellent technical support according to the circumstances.

In the rendering of our services we bear in mind the different characteristics and requirements proper to each industry, while taking special care of our client’s needs.

Audits are done following the current professional rules, which call for an adequate preplanning and a strict analysis of the economic and financial information of the audited firm. For that purpose we have taken on a working methodology based on the knowledge of the client’s business.

Our vocation for service imprints us with a strong commitment to our client’s satisfaction, conveyed through our timely and effective advice, our response capacity and our frequent personal contact.

Audit and Consulting

-Audits of financial statements.

-Company appraisals.

 -Specific or trimester audits of certain industries.

-Mergers and acquisitions Due diligence.

-Operational auditing.

-Internal auditing outsourcing.

-Definition of administrative policies and procedures.

-Assistance to management.

-Corporate syndics.

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